Greetings all!

Nathan here!
Been lurking for a little bit now. Some back ground on myself. I have been a CNC machinist for 17 years now. Decided I want to get into designing keyboards.
Currently own a Das Keyboard model S, Corsair K90, and just built a Novelkeys NK87 for my girlfriend.
As for the first design it will be a TKL. Hoping to mostly work in materials that would be more exotic to the keyboard market. With the main goals being sound, feel, and aesthetics.

Board I am working on:

Novelkeys NK87


Hello and welcome!

Great looking piece, there - I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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Dang, that’s really nice.

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Excellent work!

Do you own a CNC machine or do made it manufactured on a CNC service?

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Thanks for the compliments. I have co-owned my machine shop for 7 years now. So, at this point I do everything in the shop. Engineering, programming, setup, run, deburr. We have 7 vertical mills. I plan on being able to also inlcude proper sound tests and photography for each keyboard.


Welcome! Getting that true custom on I see!


Hello and welcome! That’s a beautiful board! Being able to design something like that is a dream of mine.

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I do plan to produce this board. There will probably be a few different iterations though.

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Welcome! :vulcan_salute:
Were do you live and can we be friends? :pleading_face::sweat_smile:
(oh, Arizona)


CNC profession and mechanical keyboards is a great combination