Greetings! elzzidynaught here


Same elzzidynaught from reddit. Just a poor grad student who foolishly stepped into this amazing hobby. Look forward to one day having a huge collection of (mostly) ortho keebs. Until then, I’ll enjoy what I can afford.

Looking forward to reading (and perhaps contributing to) lots of good stuff from you all!



I started in mechanical keyboards back in 2006 with no knowledge of the communities or anything while in undergrad. Don’t worry about not having money, Keyboards can be done on a budget and can look good on a budget. (It also helps if you have electronics surplus stores in the area, though I know those are tending toward not being around anymore)

Most of what I’ve seen of Ortho is that they’re usually a bit more on the inexpensive side, so hopefully it’s a little more attainable as long as you can put the kits together.