Greetings fellow keeb enthusiasts!

Been kind of lurking here for several months, but finally decided to join. A lot of the questions I had when I first stated this hobby several months ago seemed to have answers coming from here.

You all have helped me out a bunch with my first several builds without even knowing it. Thanks for all of the great ideas and inspiration!!!


Welcome! Whatcha dailying now?

Currently, I have the Olivia Dark version of the Zoom65 with rose gold weight and knob. I have the Aluvia keycaps on them as well as the “hihihi” RAMA enter key. I have a polished copper Esc key that ties it all together.
For seitches, I went with Alpacas that I lubed with a mix of Krytox 105g0 and 205g0 (70/30ish mix) I went with the stabs that came with the kit as the WS stabs aren’t bad at all and come with small pieces of pre-cut tape to Holee Mod them from the factory. Those also were lubed with the Krytox 70/30 mix. The wires got just 205g0.
I went full foam treatment because I dig the sound of it. :relieved:
Finally, I rounded it of with an all aluminum Vega wrist rest.


Welcome! Looks like you lurked well, your build looks great.

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Here is my latest:

Graphite Iron165 with polished stainless steel weight and badge, forged carbon plate, Durock V2 stabs (70/30 Krytox mix with wires getting just 205), and JWICK Linears (from my Zoom65 kit) that I lubed and filmed the same was as my Alpacas, and I swapped the springs with some Durock gold 3-stage 56g springs. I have a hotswap PCB on order for it, so this was more or less just a test of my ability to solder switches.
I went with GMK Storm keycaps from Kono. The Graphite Smith+Rune artisan on my Esc key matches almost perfectly.


What’s up! Glad you decided to become more active here, this has easily become what I would consider my keeb home over all the other platforms. Definitely a great place to BS & learn about keebs! Also glad to hear you’ve gotten use out of the advice we have spread throughout the site! Anyways hope to see you around & more active here in the future! BTW, awesome builds!


Greetings and welcome! Those are some sweet builds.

Is your username a reference to The Funky Homosapien?

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Yep! I kind of adopted it as my initials are DEL, and I have been a fan since the early 90’s!

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Welcome and glad you’re more active! Great collection. Post more photos when you can.

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