Greetings from New Zealand

You could say that I’ve been a mechanical keyboard enthusiast since I built my first for my ZX81 in the early 80s. Today I have an assortment of vintage and contemporary keyboards, including several Model F and Model Ms, early Apple (M0110,M011A, A9M0330 and other less salubrious models) DEC and Wyse terminal keyboards, D’Ktronics ZX Spectrum keyboard (Alps integrated dome switches) through to Magicforce 68 (my first modern keeb, now sporting Amazing Chocolatier SA caps), wooden cased RK61 with typewriter caps, and Tada68 with Zealios 78g and matt3o /dev/tty caps. I’m about to build reverse_bias’ Mitosis wireless split keyboard with Gateron Browns.

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Welcome man :slight_smile:

Thanks. This is shaping up to be a good community already!

Woo, nice collection of keyboards across history :smiley: Welcome to the community!

I hope to visit New Zealand someday :slight_smile:

Thanks. Most of the classic keyboards are still with the systems they came with so that makes them easy to keep :wink:

New Zealand’s a pretty chill place but there’s very limited availability of specialist things like mechanical keyboards it costs a fortune to ship them half-way 'round the globe :frowning:

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Oof, that sounds painful :frowning:

Think of it as a hobby commitment filter :wink: