Greetings keebtalk

How’s it going folks, I’m insolentpotato.

Came by the world of mechanical keyboards thanks to a wired Apple Magic Keyboard which decided to die on me early Feb 2020: right before :crown::microbe: and stay-at-home orders. I tried every board we had left in the house, including a crusty A1048 which I brought back to passing hygienic standards with the help of a ton of isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Anyway the Rona gave me a lot of time to read up and watch Youtube tutorials on keyboards, and several keycap sets and boards later here I am in the mix with y’all.

I think I’d read several threads on keebtalk while researching keyboards, but didn’t know Taeha Types was allied with this site till he mentioned it on his video, so I thought I’d sign up and check it out.

Mostly use keyboards for regular office work and personal use; nothing too fancy.

What I enjoy the most from the mechanical keyboard hobby is layers! it’s nice to be able to do a lot from the board alone before needing to use the mouse. Looking forward to improving my skill and sharing that with others.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there–keep on keebin’, or whatever the young bucks say nowadays–



Greetings and welcome.

I think we’ve got pretty much the whole range of keeb enthusiasts, from budget-centered kit-bashers to designers of functional heirloom desk jewelry - and we all have plenty of fun here. Always glad to have a new spud in the crop.


Howdy insolentpotato and welcome to the forums!

Hehe it looks like the big 'rona is getting a lot more people at home with time to spare a chance to take a look at keyboards and that’s absolutely wonderful!

If you enjoy layers a lot, you should check out the QMK thread:

While it’s not always super active, people usually do their best to help people out with their QMK troubles if any occur.

And from some people I know who are intense shortcut fiends, they are really into using the QMK Leader Key stuff:

What board are you using at the moment? Favorite switch?


stayin crispy :fries:


ooh, so is qmk windows only? im unfortunately on the dark side of the OS. i baaaarely played with karabiner-elements, and i’m still ??? on it, but i got the leopold’s fc660m’s ins/del to be pg up/down and i felt like a bawss

gk61 with dubiously lubed gat yellows + nk creams for personal, fc660m browns for work, but i think i’d like to get its big brother 980m for future proofing the work kit.

also the creams are my first big kid switch (lmfao).

Actully, a lot of people tell me they find QMK easier with OSX and Linux at times. I only have experience with it on windows, but yeah, it’s best to read through the documentation or ask around for QMK. I’m no QMK wizard, but I do recognize its potential :smiley:

Hey any switch can be a big kid switch as long as you’re willing to go through the effort of lubing it :sunglasses:


QMK is the firmware on the keyboard, it doesn’t care what OS you are using


oh, good.

thanks for the clarification. not sure if the boards i have will be compatible, but its worth looking into.