Greetings KeebTalk!

Hello everyone, Barker here.

I have been in the keyboard community for a year now (just over a year), but have just stumbled upon this forum. I am from Malaysia (if anyone of you knows where it is, great!) And I am currently a small vendor in the keyboard community providing custom cables to Malaysians.

I have always been a fan of upgrading “tools” to boost my workload, and to work more efficient, and that’s how i really got into keyboards. I have always been a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, and just recently, I have started my topre journey (last year Dec). Currently I have a HHKB Pro 2, and sadly missed out the Heavy Grail purchase, but I managed to get a Norbaforce for my Realforce R2 TKL. As for Mechanical keyboards, my favorites are the Ergo (Alice) layout. Really hope that one day there will be a keyboard that is EC on a ergo layout, that would be true endgame.

Anyways not too much on the long talk, but I really hope that I can learn much from here! Glad that I have joined this forum. Cheers everyone!


Hello, welcome to KeebTalk !


Hello and welcome - this is a great place for keeb discussion. Glad to have you here.

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