Hello everyone! I’m not sure how I ended up having an interest in keyboards…but now I have 3. It does seem logical though since it’s an object I use on a daily basis. At least it makes going to work more exciting. I’ve started to dive into switches, I’ve got some zeal switches coming which I hope will be good. My cherry blues feel…rusty when I press them. I would probably be further along in the hobby but everything always seem to be sold out by the time I come along.



Welcome to the community @LRS! If you like tactile switches the Zealios should not disappoint. They are pretty much the smoothest stock switches out there & have the biggest bump for a tactile MX switch. Availability of parts is tough right now thanks to Covid-19. Although seeing sold out for keysets & KB kits is not out of the ordinary as those are sold through GBs mostly & usually limited in numbers even when sold as an in stock products. r/mechmarket is great place to find things like those that are sold through already.

Anyways now that you’ve found the community you’ll be able to keep up on what’s running when & get in on those GBs that interest you! So what are your plans for the Zealios? A fresh build or are they replacing the MX blues you spoke so lovingly of? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ahoy! This is a great place for both for finding information and having fun discussion - welcome aboard.

I’ll echo the sentiment that you made a solid choice with the Zeals - and on the off-chance you don’t like them, they hold their value well on the used market.

I have a vortex vibe as my work keyboard as I need the numpad. I recently joined my first group buy on the majong 65 I think it’s called. I wanted a hotswap board and I’ll use the zealios on those, once I find which ones I like. I’m in the exploration phase so I also bought an 84 switch tester as I heard good things about kaihl as well. I like clickies but I think my coworkers are ag their limit so I’ll try something quieter.

I also have a vortex core and a vortex race 3. Lota of vortex I know. I’m on the waitlist for kbd67. Only 3500 people ahead of me…

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