Grid 650, with new modules update

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[updates 12.03.2020]

We have new updates! It is about price, GB info, plate options, and colorway.

The price of grid 650 starts at $365 for a wired plateless version with Module 01 CLASSIC, and it goes up to $490 with its gasket mount variant plus Module 07 ARRAY.

Groupbuy will launch at 9 AM PST December 10th till January 17th, 2021, on zFrontier. Module 10 CIRCLE will not be available at this GB because of some tolerance issues.

We will shot a build video and sound tests in mid-December.

Shipping will start in April 2020.

There are four different PCBs:

  • Wired hotswap
  • Wired solderable
  • BLE hotswap
  • BLE solderable

All the boards run on QMK, and the wired variants are VIA-compatible.

For the BLE version, it is challenging due to the limits of ROM size. We are still working on that. Nevertheless, you will not be able to modify any BLE related keycodes unless VIA starts to support it. Still, it is possible to use the wired version firmware with the BLE board.

There are two different plate options:

  • 4mm stiff plate designed for hotswap boards
  • 1.5mm universal plate designed for solderable boards

The plates are indeed expensive as they are milled out of aluminum blocks like the chassis. The plate option also includes two sets of silicone gaskets, hard and soft, and other accessories.

Here is what a set would look like, modules are for reference:

grid 650 with hotswap PCB and 4mm plate.

grid 650 WKL with solderable PCB and 1.5mm plate.

grid 650 WKL with solderable PCB.

More updates on the plates and colors are [url=][IC] grid 650, GB is live, update with typing sound tests 3.

Please scroll to #48 to check plates updates and colorway

Many thanks!

[updates 11.14.2020]
We have some major updates. Mostly about modules. Check [url=][IC] grid 650, GB is live, update with typing sound tests 3

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[updates 11.14.2020]
We have some major updates. Mostly about modules.

Please scroll to #15 to check the new module updates.

Many thanks

grid is back, and we’ve prepared something new.

grid 650 is a 65% custom mechanical keyboard. It represents what we imagine when retro and timeless styles meet excellent functionalities.



  • Newly designed, unibody chassis embraces a hybrid mount design supporting both (or) plate-less mount and gasket mount.
  • Module options similar to grid 600
  • Sound-absorb felt similar to grid 600
  • Front LED indicator


  • Type-C interface supports C to C cable.
  • Reversible USB 2.0 Type-A hub port
  • Full battery protection circuit with bypass option for DIY users
  • Included 18650 battery case


  • 65% layout, QMK BLE, with optional non BLE version
  • Solderable version supports both ANSI, ISO, and multiple layouts
  • Hot-swap version available for faster setup
  • About one month of battery life when used with a 3000mAh 18650 lithium battery (not included)
  • BLE power display in OS.
  • Build-in spring structure


  • Newly designed Module 4 FLASH with smoother color transition. (Notice that even we put voltage step-up chips in Module 4, due to space limitations, DIY and a thin profile phone battery is required to use with the FLASH module)
  • Module 5 PRESS is now connect directly to the main PCB.
  • New Module 6 WAVE
  • more info on the modules will be released in about one week.
  • All new modules will be available for grid 600.

Some further explanation:

This image indicates the plate-less mounting option. The PCB is attached to the chassis through 10 evenly distributed screw holes. The build-in leaf spring structure further enhances the flex of the PCB.

This image indicates the Gasket Mount option. Firstly, the plate is positioned by four specially designed O-ring structure. These O-rings provides constant pressure on the plate. Then, the plate is supported by six individual silicon bushings. We will include two sets of bushings with different resistance.

The bushing is designed to be easily swapped.

The layouts.

The PCB is based on QMK BLE. Module 5 PRESS is now connected to the main board directly. For people want to use VIA. Non-BLE version will be available as well.

The hub of grid 650 is another challenging for us. We put a reversible female USB 2.0 type-A port because it is at the back. Also we paid efforts to make all 3 elements, the switch, USB-C, and USB-A center-aligned.

We choose Texas Instrument’s chip for battery management and voltage step-down. We recommend 18650 battery when you are not using Module 4 FLASH, as it is the most accessible battery. So, no worries on the future.

Front LED indicator.
The front LED indicator has four colors and five modes.

  • Blicking blue is for paring.
  • Breathing white indicates powered by a battery.
  • Blinking red reminds you to charge your grid650.
  • Constant orange signifies your device is charging.
  • Constant white means the battery is fully charged.
    Yes, the indicator works in a retro and utilitarian fashion.

We will be providing more information and module updates in about one week. Stay tuned and maybe check our Instagram.
grid’s instagram




Loving all the changes made here! I really loved the look of the Grid600, but couldn’t reconcile the price considering it was for all intents & purposes a tray mount case with extra flashy bits. This on the other hand really interests me, especially the plateless mount! I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure, GL with bringing it to GB!


Happy to see this back in a 65% format!


This is going to be epically popular


I. Am. Hype.


You’ve got my attention. :+1:t3:

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Bring it !

Looking good!

Yes please, I’m throwing my money at the screen :slight_smile:

Hnnnnnng! Wow. Trigger finger is ready.

I’m in for anything Bluetooth! This looks sick. Definitely interested.

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Definitely following… Really regretted missing the previous Grid GB.

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Looks great in 65%. I wonder how many they’re planning on producing.

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Is this the first QMK BLE PCB? This is great!

Hi there, gird is here.

After hearing some feedback and some talk with you guys. We decided to do a limited run of WKL version of the keyboard. We spent some time to implement WKL layout support in the non-hotswap board.

So the layout now is a little different. See here.

All existing 5 module designs will come in the 650’s version. We will be producing 5 new modules for grid 650, and 4 of them will be available for grid 600.

Module Type-01 CLASSIC
IBM Model-F inspired flat top with a pen holder.

Module Type-01S CLASSIC-S
Upgrade the pen holder into a hand-polished, high shine, stainless steel.

Module Type-02 NEON
Features 3 self-luminous tritium vials, delivers a clean and retro look in the dark.

Module Type-03 PEAKS
Facet design inspired by the form of mountains.

Module Type-04 FLASH
Flat top with addressable RGB lighting. With two buttons to adjusting light effects and colors.

Module Type-05 PRESS
Four extra keys at a higher platform, virtually create an “R5” height and feeling.

Module Type-06 WAVE
Organic shape inspired by ocean waves.

Module Type-07 ARRAY
A module utilizes vintage LED displays to indicates time, personal texts, or computer hardware info (PC only).

Module Type-08H LINEAR-H
Module Type-08V LINEAR-V
Two modules share the same simple aesthetic.

Module Type-09 STAND
A phone stand module. Compatible with devices within 95mm or 3.74 inches wide and have a thickness between 6.5mm to 12.5mm. It is made of aluminum like most other modules. Its surface contacting with phones will be covered with artificial leather like Alcantara or Thorp.

Module Type-10 CIRCLE
A module comes with a knob and a switch to select functions. For example, you can switch from volume adjustment or webpage scrolling. The knob also has a sophisticated design to provide a satisfying feel, commonly seen in the high-end audio system.

Let us know what’s your favorite module, and we’d love to hear your feedback.


They all look amazing! My top pics would be:
Type-01 Classic
Type-01 Classic-S
Type-02 Neon
Type-10 Circle


If y’all ain’t getting the flash or array modules, smh


Linear v looks pretty slick to me.

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Press+array would be the ultimate combination, at least for me…

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Flash plus Array is the best. This is the right answer.

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