GRID Set A (Low Profile Keycaps)


These look pretty cool and come in some fun colours. Thinking of getting yellow with a yellow bottom piece for my M6-A.

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I’m interested, looks like an aesthetics-first blanks set. There are actual reasons that most caps have sloped sides tho.

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Color me interested, ortho boards are the only boards I like flat & low profile caps on. So this is right up my alley! Plus the price is right at $35 for a 50 x 1u & 2 x 2u set regardless of what material he decides to go with IMO. I bet a lot of people will be buying multiple kits to mix & match colors with these. I may even buy two or three sets even though I only own two 40% boards, LOL. Rama strikes again! :muscle:


Yeah I agree for a board with long typing sessions these might not be great but for a macropad could be quite neat

I hear you & get where you are coming from, but I think if the depression in the center is big enough they can possibly be comfortable to use.

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This is certainly the nicest set of ortho blanks I’ve ever seen

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I’m really curious to see what plastic they end up going with :thinking:

I’m such a big sucker for that Haze, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop myself from getting one for the office and one for home :sob:

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Geez louise! I’d like to get a Haze one but it will only match the back weight of my KOYU, so I might get a MILK one with a YOLK bottom and yellow caps.

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Nice looking caps, could also work well on thumb clusters of ortho boards. I use similar ones on my Iris. Getting the thumb cluster lower feels more ergonomic to me.

I’m resurrecting quite the old thread, but does anyone have 6 Grid Set A keycaps in Kuro that they’d be willing to part with?