Group buy money things

How much capital do you need to host a keyboard kit gb?

Far from an expert on this, but I don’t think you necessarily need any.

First you’ll want to communicate with the intended manufacturer to determine the price breakdowns of your desired kits and colors, which will in-turn help you figure out the minimum order quantity to make it work, and at what price for individuals.

Oversimplifying a bit; from there you run the GB, collecting the pool of money from the interested individuals, and then pay the manufacturer with it to get the material ball rolling.

In theory, you could do this without a cent to your name - but I’m sure more experienced folks here could correct and/or add details.

You need funds for a proto or several though. Founder’s Editions are one way to raise money for that.

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A business model that I really don’t like at the same time.

Think about the whole ordeal. It’s not just a money thing, but also a time commitment. You’ll have to deal with manufacturer, group buy participants, have accurate notes of who bought what, decide if a participant can sell his share for another person (and note that if you allow), deal with incomplete/incorrect information, and so on.

THEN, if that wasn’t commitment enough, you have to deal with sorting and shipping the object(s) of the group buy. Do not underestimate the costs of time and money of it.

That’s why, when I was more active on custom mechanical keyboard design, I never hosted a group buy. Not living in the US does even adds more challenges and costs to the endeavor.

I hope that gives you a clearer vision of what awaits you when organizing a group buy. If after all that you still think it is worth the hassle, then do it! Just don’t go blind, or with unreasonable expectations.