Gsus Switch Preliminary Overview

A preliminary overview of the Gsus switch.

This video is just to be my quick preliminary overview of the Gsus switch. I haven’t used the switches inside a keyboard yet. All I’ve done so far is just take some pictures and measurements that I wanted to share with you all. I’m sorry I’m so sleepy this video -_-

After I install these switches into a board and have more time with them, you can expect a more full overview (with hopefully a less sleepy Manofinterests).


Thanks for the quick & detailed overview of these new Pandas! For a split second I was hyped for them after hearing @TaehaTypes thoughts on them, then I waded into the swap that is the GH thread for this sale (I refuse to call it a GB since it’s looking like Supervan already has the switches produced & in hand). After seeing that the switches were gonna be $1.50 to $1.00 per switch & reading Supervans very poor interaction with the community I personally decided that I’m gonna pass on this sale. Mostly on principal because I feel like this whole thing is becoming very toxic for the community, that Supervan is doing this as pure profit venture, & that he has no concern about it’s effects on the community.

Now don’t get me wrong I have no problem with someone profiting from their work, but I do have an issue with someone actively trying to gouge the community, which is what I believe is going on with this sale. If you look at the pricing structures (bulk or retail) around any other MX style switch made this becomes very clear IMO. I should also say that I’m not hating on Supervan, he does have the right to charge whatever he sees fit for these switches he bought & paid for. Although in the same sense we have the right to vote with our wallets & not buy a grossly overpriced product from someone who is seemingly trying to take advantage of the community.

So that’s the rub to me & where I see this becoming detrimental to the community. If we overpay now just because the asking price is below aftermarket value I feel like we’re gonna set a dangerous precedent. Opening the door for more & worst offending opportunists to do the same in the future & possibly allowing aftermarket prices to control market prices in the future. Which would be a really sad thing to happen. As beyond making this hobby much more expensive for all of us, I think it could also serve as a catalyst to truly start splitting the community between the have & have nots. Which would be a terribly detrimental thing to have happen IMHO.

Now I’m not calling out people for joining this sale or saying they are doing something wrong by doing so. I just wanted to get my feelings about it & reasons why I’m not gonna join the sale out there. In the hopes that other’s can see it & take it into consideration when deciding to join this sale or not.

Sorry to put a wall of text up on your thread @Manofinterests, I just had to get that off my chest!

Edit: So Supervan has dropped the pricing to $1 switch flat for the sale & apologized for his behavior in the IC thread. While I do think that is still a fairly high price & would’ve liked to see him have at least one price drop at some MOQ. I also have to admit that him doing that & opening himself up to the possibility of lost profits coupled with a seemingly sincere apology has changed my view on his intents. It still doesn’t excuse his behavior in the GH IC thread, but there was also a lot of inexcusable replies thrown his way. Two sides to every coin & all that. Ultimately though by dropping the price & making an apology I feel like Supervan has proven he is not in it just for the money & has at least some concern on how this affects the community. Also at $1 per switch, while still a high price, I feel like it will draw much less attention beyond the community & assuages my fear of this negatively affecting the community in the future some.

Still not sure if I will join the GB, but with the price being drop & apology I felt like I should add this to my original post.




LOL, hopefully my post doesn’t turn into a “get your popcorn” reply. I’m not trying to incite even more drama over this subject. I just honestly feel pretty strongly about what is going on with this sale & want people to think about some of my points before deciding to join or not join the sale!

I am definitely getting in on this GB . . . but only enough for one board. I have tried the original Holy Pandas and they are something I know I want. The going market price is bonkers and so this GB makes this switch somewhat attainable.

As for the price drama, for me I will let the free market drive it. For $1.50, I am going to buy enough for a board. If it gets a lot cheaper (less than $1), i will buy more.

As to how this helps/hurts the community, that’s a whole other subject that we can discuss to the end of time. This may contribute to the price creep in this hobby but at the same time this allow those who wants the Holy Panda experience to get that who can’t currently afford it.


Love your work @Manofinterests, looking forward to your full-board overview :+1:

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As usual the best reviews right here. Glad that turned out fine even tho i suspect that’s just a stock housing that BSUN made recently and he custom made just the leaf so that wouldn’t justify the price. Even if he did custom housing too working on the old warned mold, compared to cherry molds cost which should be a lot higher, the price is really out of mind.

I would like to remind everyone that other people are working on Pandas and it will be A LOT cheaper, just in case you are pissed like me about the price and Gsus OP behaviour. There are multiple Wei for jesus.


Where did you find that?
Edit: That other people are in the process of making pandas?


Even more Panda drama, supposedly 27 & Zisb have been working with Massdrop to get stock Holy Pandas on the market, There are supposed to be using the original mold for these & they will come with Halo stems. It still hasn’t been 1000% confirmed though so like other rumors take this with a grain of salt.

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Oh man, you were right! And, according to the comments on Massdrop, the GSUS buy has been cancelled.


Normally I don’t champion Massdrop, but this is a sweet deal. Granted, they are marking this up as well.

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