Guilty Keyboard Secret


I hear you, in fact I have yet to get a super high end kit to build for the same reason. I feel like if I got a Duck, LZ, Rama, etc. board I would end using it more for decoration than actually typing or gaming with it!


I have a few expensive boards that don’t get a lot of desk time, but it’s not b/c of the keyboard itself. Instead it’s usually because of little things like a switch needing to be lubed or a stabilizer that isn’t quite right. Often times, too it’s that I don’t care for the switch that I put in the board at that time (and my preferences change often for some reason).

My guilty keyboard secret is that I have a few grand in keyboards that are unbuilt because I can’t commit to a switch choice.


Yeah, only real issue at the moment is that it has switches that I’m not a huge fan of, but too afraid to swap 'em out myself yet. :wink:


Feel you on that. Constantly switching my switch preference.


This is why I picked up a hotswap PCB. I have a bunch of different switches I haven’t used so I figured I’ll swap switches every week or so to find what I really like :slight_smile:


this. same spot.


I own 3 hotswap boards. The trouble is, different case material and mounting styles and acoustics significantly change with the same switch in different setups.

It’s certainly a good way to rule out some switches, but still hard to make a final choice


This is my yas keyboard. Tina case for it currently being powdercoated. Some people hate the look and lay-out, I dislike the amount of money put into it. And jigon sucks imo.

But, the lay-out is exactly what I need and it’s amazing to type on! Perfect amount of click, clack and thock and buttery smooth.
Ps, bottom row is fixed.


The whole point of this hobby is to customize keyboards to how you like. I’m glad you’ve found a great layout for yourself, that is something I’m still working on. Personally I think the board is lovely, though admittedly the spaces in the bottom corners mess w/ my OCD.

Thanks for sharing and happy clacking!


Yeah that’ll be fixed. The case is basically a Tina but with smaller corners. Having it powdercoated white at the moment but that’s taking much longer than I expected unfortunately.


Care to explain what it is about the board that makes you enjoy using it more?


I really like the switches on my $20 keyboard from Amazon (BSUN Blue)


I’m guilty for not building my “Easy on the wallet” preonic. The thought of having to decide which switch I want to use, and then having to put SIP sockets into every switch before I have to solder everything keeps prolonging my procrastination to just build it! Good thing I’m not even thinking of lubing the switches as that will add more work.I even bought one of those switch crackers from DIY and still the thought of building makes me tired just thinking about it. I’m still waiting on my minivans from the restore drop that I am more excited to build instead since it’s a different kind of 40% that I do not own, whereas I already own a preonic already built (programming it was a nightmare for me which adds to my procrastination).


I feel you with the switch decisions and not having energy to lube. For myself i’ve found that if I just leave the project in a drawer for a few weeks I’ll finally get around to it one afternoon once I get the itch to build something. I have used my switch cracker a lot and I assure you it makes lubing so much quicker. I recently lubed orange alps and THAT was a pain in the ass… easily 4 hours of cleaning, lubing, waiting, assembling… but all in good fun! :slight_smile:


My favorite clicky switches are APT Hall Effects, I’m in love with Topre clones, and I gravitate heavily to light linears for most mechanical keyboards. The only tactile switch I genuinely like is either BKE Redux domes or the Matias quiet-click, and if I could somehow make a Kalih White switch with 30g springs, I’d do it.


You shouldn’t really be guilty about this. I know lots of people who are totally only into this for this reason.


That is hilarious. Why do you have to though ? Can’t you make a relatively silent 60% board that you can take with you to work ?


Usually security concerns from peripherals that end users bring in.


Huh I did not know that was a thing – but I totally get it though, now that I think about it.


love your cable setup