Guilty Keyboard Secret


Thx :smiley:


Mx browns actually increase my typing speed… I plan on rebuilding (lube/stickers) my Das Keyboard 2 someday


I still don’t understand why the community hates on MX Brown so much. Maybe because it’s not the ‘best’ at any one thing… but I think it’s a great switch.


I think you’re right on. The community tends to gravitate to superlative switches (“smoothest”, “most tactile”, “clickiest”) so much so that Jack of all trade switches tend to get forgotten. Browns aren’t the demons they’re made out to be.


One of my stabs wasn’t behaving and my SA spacebar would pop off on one side.
I stuffed some Blu-Tac in the stem and not only have I not had a problem since, it reduced the rattle…
Please don’t tell anyone.


What I meant was mechanical keyboard in general. I wouldn’t own/buy one if it wasn’t customizable.


Yeah, I understood. I also am obsessed with completely DIYing it.


I got an FC660C recently, and I’m enjoying its plastic case more than the aluminum boards I’ve owned. I guess it feels more welcoming somehow since it isn’t cold and heavy.


Just ordered a Filco MJ2 instead of looking for an aluminum TKL for this reason. Plus the deeper sound the plastic typically gives.


Guilty keyboard complete. Not perfect, powdercoat isn’t the prettiest, can’t fit the weight in anymore, won’t fit. But I think it still looks amazing and I’m happy with my one-of-a-kind weird layout keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe there are two issues: 1.) Switch quality varies from batch to batch. 2.) The keyboard/chasis you put them in makes a huge difference.

Let me give you an example.

I absolutely hate, HAAAAAAATE MX Blues.

Several years ago I went to Fry’s when Coolermaster was more popular. On display was both their fullsize XT and a QuickFireRapid TKL. I could not believe how nice it was to type on the XT while the more popular QFR just felt mushy and lifeless in comparison.

So my thinking was maybe people were typing on the QFR more and wore it down. So when no one was looking (heh-heh-heh) I took a brand new QFR out of the package to compare. Again, still mushy / not great. So I thought the XT might be a one off - so I took another one out of the package and it was fantastic! Maybe not enough to convert Alps fans but it was still noticeably better than the QFR for some reason.

But yeah, I hate Blues overall but in that XT they were fantastic.


i hate cherry mx browns, how do you like them? ever since i got a keyboard that isn’t cherry browns i’ve never wanted to go back to them, plum niz 84, it’s tactical 35g domes. it’s got a hefty tactical bump that feels amazing. unlike browns which don’t have any tactical bump unless you consider a grain of sand to be a tactile bump.

i just don’t like cherry blues either, the pitch of click they have is annoying, and they are again mushy compare to the plum niz.


100% agreed. 30-45g is my range


i prefer the acoustics of plastic over aluminum


Me too. Although the Tada68 I’m building has an aluminum case, I’m looking forward to the Kayak build after that with acrylic parts.


Guilty Secret: I sometimes tell people I made certain keyboards in my collection, when in fact, I bought those ones already assembled.

MX Brown Hate Bandwagon: I honestly only dislike the fact that browns have such little resistance. I accidentally type things just wresting my fingers on the board.


Common rubberdomes get a bad rap because someone tried something that was crap and therefore concluded all rubber domes are terrible.

That would be like me typing on a APT Hall Effect and declaring all Mechanical Keyboards as crap!

Ripster used to have a “good rubberdome” list in his wiki before it got whacked.

Maybe it’s time to start another.