Gun Keycaps

any gun keycaps? also i am sadly in not so well of financial capacity so probably ill just get one keycap any generic would do but would appreciate if you can suggest anything, i wish i do have the money and patience though for jtk john wick keycaps.

Can’t say I’ve seen any - but I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to make one out of the brass section of one of the smaller shotgun shell sizes.

for some reason aliexpress won’t load for my but I’m sure you could find some on there

If you have an extra keycap, a dremel, superglue, and a 20ga shell, you could make yourself a really neato keycap! I’ve made a couple quite a while ago.

Just ‘artistically’ dremel away your keycap until you have a clean stem and surface to glue what’s left and you’re set.



DSA combat set from Pimp my keyboard if you like the profile. You have light/dark mods also :

Example : Guns Mods

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