[H] M65A Lunar Red, new/unopened GMK [W] PayPal

Timestamp -

M65-A -

Album - https://imgur.com/a/h2EDbZZ

Bought this a long while back to try, realized a fancy board I’m too worried about damaging or getting dirty to enjoy fully isn’t something I care for, and the money is more useful to me for bills. Lunar Red version with alu bottom and QMK PCB, clipped GMK screw-in stabs, 78g Zilents. Looking for around $525 +shipping (OBO within reason), CONUS only due to not being able to insure it well enough for my liking with intl shipping.

GMK Sets - Trays unopened. Kept as a “rainy day fund” and right now I really need the money way more than I need some extra kits.

RA base kit includes the following keys https://i.imgur.com/hyAFZuh.png

RA space and BoB extras kits include the keys shown https://i.imgur.com/iCDJVnk.jpg

  • 2x Royal Alpha R2 base only - $160/ea +shipping
  • 1x Royal Alpha R2 space kit - $25 +shipping, $20 if bought with a base kit
  • 2x Blue on Black extras kits - $25/ea +shipping
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What is OBO?

‘Or Best Offer’ I believe.


M65 dropped to $620 obo, updated timestamp.

Bump for updated main post.

Long shot here, but still on sale?