Hai, I'm Kolben!

In the interest of getting the ball rolling here, I’m Kolben!

You may know me as the Chief Killjoy Officer at Kono.Store where my primary job is talking Andrew and Overkill out of crazy ideas that sound great in a forum post but don’t really work out in reality.

In all seriousness I’m responsible for organizing all of our relationships and operations between materials and component suppliers, to third-party factories, to freight partners and ultimately to our warehousing and parcel delivery. Start to finish, it’s my fault if your Keyboard Group Buy ships late.

My first mechanical keyboard was Poker 2 with Cherry Red switches that was handed to me at work (at an older job about 4 years ago). I didn’t quite get the whole buzz around them until I saw some of my coworkers’ sweet setups with aftermarket keycaps. Once I saw keyboards as a customizable expression of self, I was hooked. Eventually I moved to a Leopold FC660M that I used for several years. Now my daily driver at the office is a K-Type with Hako True switches and DSA Dolch Keycaps. Since I’m on the road a lot for work, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to having a Hexgears X-1 with a zipper case to take with me whenever I travel.

Outside of Keyboards, I have a wife and 2 kids just starting school that occupy the little bit of free time the I end up with. I enjoy a little bit of Skyrim on PS4 (haven’t built a gaming PC yet!) when the kids are in bed and I enjoy Rye whiskey and artisan coffee once in a while.

Hopefully I’ll see you at an upcoming meetup (Seattle anyone?) or at least get some time to chat on the forums!


I now feel like a member of Keyboard anonymous. Thanks for sharing!

Just wanted to break the awkward silence. :slight_smile:

Won’t be silent for long!