Hakko makes a portable solder iron!

Weird find today - Hakko apparently makes a portable soldering iron!

It looks pretty basic and it’s powered by AAs but at least it’s priced close enough within the same range as the cheap Chinese irons. $10 off today on Sparkfun. If you’ve been looking to try and solder this could be a good iron to start out with.



Very interesting. This could be useful.

I wonder how quickly it heats up, and how well the tip retains heat as you solder as these are big factors in the usage of a soldering iron.

It’s definitely very affordable vs a more portable unit like the TS80 (usb-c powered), but does it compromise too much? :thinking:

I should read more into this even though I have no desire to purchase one :joy:


It’s got great reviews on amazon

Really wish the TS80 would have stuck with the Hakko style tip connector found on the TS100…

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