Hako True / Box linear spring swaps

Hey y’all! I was messing around with some loose sample switches I had on hand this weekend, and one of nicest the combinations I tried was swapping a Hako True spring with a Box Yellow, to get a semi-heavy linear with that anti-bottom-out spring design from the True.

Has anyone tried this on a full board/messed around with this combination before? Also does anyone know if the actuation point on all box switches is the same?

The actuation point is dictated by the stem for all box switches. When the stem makes contact with the nub and pushes that in is when the switch actuates. Shaping the stem so that the nub is pushed in earlier/later is what effects “when” the actuation occurs. There isn’t much wiggle room with when an actuation occurs, so instead usually switch designers/manufacturers change when you feel the tactile bump.