Hall Effect MX-Switch?

Has anyone bought this? Ordered some of the magnetic ones, cant wait to get them.


Let us know how they are when you get them! Although the fact they went with clicky switches as their first MX compatible hall effect type switch is a big head scratcher for me TBH. The whole deal of hall effect switches is that they are contactless & super smooth because of that. Clicky switches really don’t need to be super smooth, as long as they aren’t sandpaper rough you’ll never notice the scratch with the click.


Interesting. I know Kono has had their keystone switches up for pre-order for ages, but this is the first I’ve seen of anything you can pop into an otherwise normal MX keeb.


Wait. These are straight up mx PCB compatible? How does that even work? That can’t be right, can it?

Looking more closely, this listing includes multiple switches - some with contacts and one that’s Hall-effect - and that one looks just like the Keystone ones with no metal pins coming out of the bottom.