Happy Thanksgiving 2020 Keebtalk :)

Another wonderful year with a group of wonderful people!

Welcome to everyone new who has been joining Keebtalk!

What a crazy year this has been eh?

Despite all of the craziness, we have our keyboards to keep us occupied in one way or another.

From lubing switches, to building keyboards, there have been successes and mistakes. There have been amazing group buys, and ones that fell short of expectations.

I’m extremely thankful for the growth not only in this community, but for our hobby as a whole. The more opportunities we have to foster knowledge and potentially expand the sum knowledge of this hobby, the better.

I’m thankful for the amazing keyboards and keysets I’ve received this year that were made by wonderful designers.

Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

(Yes this is a day early, but I might not be online tomorrow)


Happy thanksgiving Huey!! It’s great to see you’ve kept your great content coming this year, and I’m sure you do some behind the scenes work to keep this place running like butter that goes under the radar, on behalf of me and I’m sure a bunch of others I’d like to sincerely say thank you for keeping this place going.

This year has definitely been one for the history books (both world and keyboard flavors). There has been a lot of growth on this place, and keebtalk still manages to be great, while keyboards in general have exploded :exploding_head: I’ve been around here/rmk/gh for a bunch of years and this one seems like it’s been the most eventful and we’ve seen the most new boards/friends/stuff and we’ve had our drama to go with it (although maybe not as much drama growth but that’s probably a good thing haha).

Some standouts for me (both personal and in general):

  • The heavy grail is finally happening!!
  • I went from not needing a norbaforce to having two :roll_eyes:
  • the modern m0110 finally came to fruition (and its great!)
  • durock overcame the stealios drama and conquered the high end switch market
  • handarbeit
  • I think a larger subset of people are experimenting with frankenswitches after the whole panda craze, which isn’t really so fun for me but it’s tons of fun to follow along
  • speaking of holy pandas clones are still coming out and show no signs of slowing down somehow
  • edit: forgot boba switches
  • I think I passed thirty keyboards ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Reflecting on the year I’d say I’m thankful for (among other things):

  • keebtalk and the people here, of course
  • tealios
  • @norbauer being a real one
  • all the people that put up with the drama and toxicity that group buys bring (storefront runners, etc) that keep on going
  • the mechgroupbuys reddit forum to keep track of stuff
  • good health, and being in a place that I can still buy keyboards in the time of covid

I look forward to seeing what 2021 brings for all of over here on keebtalk, let’s all stay healthy and make it a good one!


Happy Turkey day everyone! I hope you all get to eat some good grub & spend some quality time with loved ones today!


Happy Thanksgiving to you, peoples with strange layouts :blush:


I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it: I’m thankful for keebtalk specifically. It’s the best keyboard forum with the best people.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I am extremely thankful for this hobby, the people in it and the joy it has brought to my life. Yes 2020 was a tough year but being able to focus on something I love with like minded people has made this year a lot better than it otherwise would have been. Love you guys


Very thankful for this hobby, community, and especially for keebtalk. You folks are great and I’m super glad to be enjoying keyboard stuff with ya.

Some keeb-specific 2020 things I’m thankful for:

  • ABS MT3 exists now :sparkles:
  • Gazzew blowin’ up :muscle:
  • Tactile Inks in the West :black_nib:
  • Fun builds for friends :goggles:
  • Ordered my first high end custom :gem:
  • Good board tech trickling down to commercial items expanding accessibility of great keeb experiences :keyboard:

Happy thanksgiving all! Really grateful for this awesome platform in Keebtalk. Overall this has been one of the most wholesome and respectful forums I’ve ever seen online. Keep up the great spirit here everyone, I’m proud to be a part!