Happy Thanksgiving 2023 Keebtalk!

It’s been another trip around our sun and Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

This forum has been through quite a bit in its own way and I’m happy to see how we’ve developed, communicated, shared information, and enjoyed each other’s company.

This Thanksgiving,

I’m thankful for my successful meetup I had in November,
I’m thankful for ignoring the FOMO and staying cool headed when it came to keyboard purchases
I’m thankful for amazing community members sharing their thoughts about wonderful keyboards, switches, and keycaps.
I’m thankful for Keebtalk and everyone here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Feel free to share what you’re thankful for this year :slight_smile:

Best wishes to everyone,
Huey aka Manofinterests

edit: happy American thanksgiving :wink:



I’m Thankful for this forum and the crazy keyboard lovers that post here.

Glad to know I’m not the only crazy one out there.

I’ve worked with a lot of great Keebtalk people this year on keyboard projects. Very thankful for that.


Wonderful new baby entered our lives in March (#2, probably of 2😅). #1 moved on to Kindergarten with amazing adaptability.

Nevertheless, I went to my first small local meet/build event and, on the back of that, gathered momentum to set up a workspace and complete my first through-hole board!

This was really important to me when I feel like so much of me is fully subscribed, albeit in a good way.

I appreciate coming here daily to learn and make a few comments together with those who understand.


Happy Turkey Day to all my American peeps, to those not celebrating hope you have a great day too!


Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

This year I’m thankful for community, and the willingness to share information with one another. I’m glad that places like this exist where I can ask questions, share my builds and ideas, and send love to other people’s builds. I have definitely learned a lot, and feel like I am learning more every day. Long live every single one of you!

And also, I am extremely thankful for lube stations! :laughing:


echoing pixel, thankful for the learning, collaboration, and shitposting with other KT and online forum ppl this year. hope to keep it going into the new year, and be able to give back and contribute.

stay safe all~


Whether you’re keeping the lights on, sharing cool stuff you found, or just asking questions - I’m really thankful to you for keeping KeebTalk my favorite website on the internet. :smiley:


Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

I haven’t been as active over the past year, I got the last GBs I had been waiting on and sort of checked out, but I still like to check in every once in a while. Hope y’all are doing okay and enjoy the holiday season! :turkey::evergreen_tree::fireworks:


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too! I’m very thankful that this site exists and is full of some of the nicest people on the internet!