HappyFuse - 3D Printed 50% with Isolated Numrow


Hey there, I have been playing with 3D printed keyboards for a while now and after many many iterations I have something I really like.

My printer has a width constraint of 210mm so it was hard to find a layout that would work with it. After printing only the bottom part, I wanted to see if I could fit the numrow on my design. However if I added the regular numrow, it would not be staggered with the first alpha row, and it would look weird. To make it staggered, I had to add 0.5u to the left of the 1 key.

After a lot of back and forth I had the idea of isolating the numrow and I like how it looks, what do you guys think?

I will be posting about designing a 3D Printed keyboard from scratch soon, and if you are interested make sure you follow me on YouTube:

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Thank you!


Even though it’s not particularly useful for me in terms of usability, I really appreciate the look of this board! The separated top row is :ok_hand:

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Thank you so much! I have been using it as my daily driver and it isn’t that bad if you’re into 40%s in general. But yeah, it’s definitely not for everybody.

I feel like it needs a 6u spacebar so it is symmetrical.

I’d like to see something like Laplace or UT47, but with the digits row.

Super cool to see larger projects like this that are 3D printed! Just recently started exploring 3d printed keyboard parts (just finished assembling my Minivan with a 3d printed plate) and am very excited to see what other things are created from it in the future.

Fortunately I have a little bit of extra room on my print bed (250mm X direction) but even then I struggled to barely fit the plate for my minivan on it. Very impressive to see what you’ve done with 210 mm :3

If you don’t mind sharing project files/STL/etc I would love to try this out hand wired!