Have group buys marked by status


Since things are just getting started on here, would be nice if there was an easy way to check status of group buys or sort group buys by status – one of my few pet peeves with GH, no way to tell whether a group buy was about to start, open and taking orders, closed and invoicing, in production, being delivered, cancelled, abandoned … if it was just by thread activity, then Exent and anything by BunnyLake would still be active group buys … The GH forum sticky hasn’t been updated since 2017 and xondat’s Google sheet seems to be falling by the wayside as well …

I just want to know quickly and easily what’s open right now (“now” being whatever point I visit the site).


That spreadsheet got so tiring… Might do one last hurrah and update it shortly.

I’ll update my GB post on here though.


Comes down to the same thing several people were pointing out with the release of Keebtalk, yet another place to keep track of group buys … group buys get announced in so many varied places that no one person can keep track of them (keebtrack.com has already gone AWOL)

I think one intermediate solution would be the ability to sort threads by start date in addition to most recent activity … or maybe I’m just too used to sorting r/mk by new …


A required tagging system with a good array of properly descriptive tags would be good, [Running], [Invoicing], [In Production], etc.