Have you guys seen all the new Filco SA caps?

I didn’t know they had so many colors now. I wish the tan color was available in the TKL and not just Minila layout.

Of course, limited coverage (only standard ansi 104), but a great price.

I own the brown set from many years ago, and I enjoy the shiny/glossy finish. These are in the SP “Filco” profile of 2-2-3-3-3-3

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Oh wow this is interesting. Prices aren’t horrible either

Sad, these colors combos are pretty cool. Just sad they aren’t available in other layouts

That yellow set with purple legends will look pretty awesome on one of @keyboardbelle printed cases.

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Finally, I can get my hands on SA Distressed Brains again!


I got all excited until I saw that they are (1) ABS and (2) only rows 2 and 3.

lol. I feel like that would be the tai-hao version.


That’s a plus in my book

I have a set of the Navy and white caps and they are attractive. I didn’t realize that they weren’t fully sculpted at the time of purchase which is a real bummer since I’m no fan of flat profiles. Live and learn I suppose.


I didn’t plan on it but Filco profile SA are the only caps I really enjoy kbdfans 5 degree case with.

Yea, these have been out at least for a year. I have the black ones that I bought in 2016 in 2017/8 they added others. I prefer the font on these to the large, centered font on the normal signature plastic SA caps, but I also hate centered legends, so…

Don’t forget to show support for SA SNES if you like that font!

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I like my SA Filco. The costar glued stabilizers are a bit cumbersome to remove though. The look and feel on the black and white though is great for the price.


Yep. I ordered the new tan set for my Minila. Looks amazing!

Although, potential buyers should note, there are small mistakes in the Minila set:

  1. The 1.5u Backspace and {\ |} have the wrong profiles (R2 instead of R3 and vice versa)
  2. The extra Control and Caps Lock are exact doubles of the other ones… Not really a problem.

Filco will send replacements in several months, from what I’m told. :laughing:

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I have the same set! Yea, it looks great!