Head to head: Holy YOK vs. Holy GSUS



Do the GSUS sound deeper to you? They sound a bit deeper here to me. I just finished swapping and lubing my halos into Yok housing. I like them a lot :slight_smile:


I’m not sure, they are so close it’s hard to say.


YOK and Gsus should sound exactly the same. I think the difference heard in the video is just difference between K and L keys on typical tray-mounted keyboard.


It’s bottom mount


I only have tray-mounts so don’t know if bottom mount results in same switches in different locations sounds the same or not.


They sound very similar to me, I think that most differences heard are down to the placement of the mic being closer to the YOK & picking up more of the higher pitches emitted from it.


Maybe both factors. I have been using Gsus and YOK for a few days and didn’t notice any difference in sound. I ended up using a mix of the two because I like the look.

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Those look pretty good :eyes:


Orthodox Holy Cardinal deployed.


I think they sound exactly the same, in the video one switch is slightly closer to the middle which makes it sound just a touch deeper. If I swap the position the left one still sounds a touch deeper.

Generally whether it’s tray mount or bottom or top mount, the switches farther from any supports will sound deeper


That looks awesome!


cool look, my dude. I don’t have any GSUS switches or I’d do the same. :slight_smile:


That does look very cool. Almost a shame to put keycaps on.


Surprising thing is it feels even better than it looks. Lubed with TriboSys 3203 and every empty space in the case and between plate and case filled will Sorbathane, like it’s poured in.

Only problem is I’m not sure how I’m going to use this keyboard if my eyes rollback on every keystroke. :crazy_face:


My Holy YOKs are being used and I love these things so far… next up, i’m giving them the full treatment: 3204, poly films, and new springs, baby!


Good luck with the films! I couldn’t get it into the plate with the films hahaha


More power to you, I hope they help… however… I am not sure films will benefit the YOKs since the YOK tops already fit so tightly on the bottoms, I will be surprised if films make any difference. Let us know!


Holy Cardinals hu? I like that, damn!