Healios Switches Review

Typing Sounds: https://youtu.be/69tfYxDhyyc


Great review as always. I appreciate your fun and random intros for each video! I might have to pick these switches up. Just too many good options lately. Just bought Creams, will be getting Holy Pandas… sigh


I know right! Not that too many options is a bad problem to have. I literally just unboxed my batch of 78g V2s right before I watched this review & definitely regret not grabbing at least a few Helios for my collection now LOL!

Great video as always!

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Great video! I plan on picking up some of these for my work Planck.

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I know a number of people were…a little less than pleased with one of your previous videos for how you handled the “paid promotion” aspect of things. And while I wasn’t displeased, I myself commented only to recommend you avoid confusion in the future, not suggesting anything unseemly.

But I just want to say that through this video, it is clear to me that you took that feedback to heart and made sure to disclose all of those relevant details right at the top of your video and review. And it was great. It left no doubt in the viewer’s mind and set the stage for a informative and great review.

Thank you for being so responsive to feedback, and for being transparent. Just another reason why we can look to you for honest and detailed reviews.



Yea, and the holiday season doesn’t help either :cry:

Haha always looking to improve, so I do take all feedback to heart :smiley: