Heavily-lubed Royals sound cool


Sounds pretty interesting. I wonder how they’d sound in a more “premium” housing with “nicer” caps.

That is pretty cool! Where exactly are you lubing the Royals? And does it improve the feel at all?

Did you bag lube these? Where did you concentrate the lube so as not to eject any of it out of the bottom? Also, what lube, lol. Thanks for sharing all of your experimentation.

I shake lubed the stems in a plastic tub. I used PFPE based PTFE thickened grease from Taobao on these. It’s grade 2 I believe so it’s fairly thick. I’ve done the same with 205g0 and the results were pretty similar.

The interesting thing is I always hear about BOX switches ejecting lube, but I’ve lubed a few batches of them now with thick lube and I haven’t seen so so much as a drop of lube come out the bottom after as much as a few months of use. Maybe it only happens with thin lube. Did it ever actually happen or was it just someone’s theory that got spread around? I don’t know. I can only speak for my own experience, which is with 205g0 or thicker.

What I’m more concerned about is whether the lube will get pushed out of the way where the actuation nub rubs against the stem, causing the lubrication to be reduced there, since the leaf presses harder with Royals. I’ve seen reports of the factory lube wearing off and the switch nub getting progressively louder on Royals. I only time will tell.