Hej, this is ggggggg from Denmark checking in

Hej, been lurking here for a year or so. I’m tired of silently looking on as interesting discussions unfold. I’ve got opinions, too! Unfortunately, geekhack won’t recognise my desire to create an account, and r/mk seems conducive only to pretty pictures (though some of the smaller keyboard subreddits I dig).

I am typing this on a MacBook with 30% of the keys sticking. I sold off my previous boards to finance the next round of indulgence, so right now I’m waiting for the Liminal group buy to ship, for SKB2 to start, and there’s a guy in Germany that’s printing me a Planck EOTW midlayer. I don’t have a Planck pcb anymore, so I’ll scrounge together some materials and hand-wire one using my EOTW plate and bottom. And then I’ll finish this paper and start my thesis, I promise!


Welcome, lurker! Condolences on your Macbook keyboard. I improved mine by putting a mech on top of it and running karabiner to disable the built in keeb :grin:

I figure the longer I endure typing on this piece of shnip the bigger the reward once I have a mech again.