Hello all

Hello all. I’m new here but been on the planet for a while. :slight_smile: I’ve been through all kinds of keyboards over the years since first learning to type on IBM selectric typewriters and TRS80 computers. My first mechanical keyboard was a Northgate (Omnikey Ultra if memory serves). That should sufficiently date me.

I’ve recently been on the hunt for something that appears to be unobtanium in the U.S. and figured I would ask for some advice here. I’ll head over to the OEM keyboards discussion to inquire further. Thanks and nice to meet everyone.


Welcome to KeebTalk! It looks like you’ve definitely were able to use some amazing keyboards in your years if you got to use an IBM selectric typewriter and a Northgate! The Northgate Omnikey 101 is actually one of my favorite alps keyboards since they’re so solid and great!

I hope you’re able to find your unobtainium and have a wonderful adventure of keyboards along the way :+1:

Thanks! Most what I’ve used along the way are OEM–never really got into modding. That said, I did make a MAME cabinet 20 years ago that had/has a pretty ugly dis-assembled/soldered keyboard for controls.

I have recently learned to love mechanical keyboards again (stopped for years needing quieter options). There are so many options available now–silent switches, hot-swappable, o-rings, etc. etc. etc.

The new journey begins…


Relevant to your username:



HaHa. That is great! Thanks for sharing. I had not seen that before.

Hello and welcome! Glad to have you here.

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