Hello, and welcome to my Spicy Keyboard Zone

Hey guys, I want to show off a keyboard I’ve been working on for god knows how long. Too long!

It’s called the Taper 40, and the idea was to create a usable daily 40% keeb with a lot of aesthetic value.

(The Super key is the enter key)

It’s got a built-in 5% angle,

And for now will be using an Arduino Micro as interface. I’ve got my first prototype PCBs in, so I’ll be posting them soon. The whole idea with this project is to hand build each case with epoxy resin casting, while farming out PCB and plate making to outside manufacturers. This will allow me to create very quick turnaround products at low volume without having to organize insane group buys. I envision creating 100 Taper 40s or so by the end of 2022 unless this really blows up. Expected price point for the kit–2 part case, plate and PCB–will be $125-$175 or so. Sound interesting?

I hope to have a limited pre-order open within the next week or two once I start showing off the casting process, and hope to start deliveries mid-September.

But wait, there’s more! A challenger approaches!

I’m also working on this 12 key macro pad as well as a 15 key variant. This thing fits your hand so dang well, it’s nuts. This will likely stay a 3d printed product for now and I hope to sell it for less than $100.

Well, I hope I’ve intrigued you guys. I will be keeping you guys very updated over the next couple weeks before I go off on vacation late July to early August. This is only the beginning! I’ve been having so much fun developing this keeb and I already have a bunch of future layouts already planned!


Gotta say that’s a pretty cool design, looks retro futuristic.


Pretty nice design!

I personally don’t really like it, but I can see the appeal. Definitely looks different than the plethora of boring rectangles out there.


Thanks! If I may ask, what are you not a fan of? 40% keebs in general? Like typing numbers easily? Appreciate the feedback

Probably the most aesthetically interesting 40 I’ve seen. Very cool. er… spicy!


Thank you!

I mostly prefer rectangles :slight_smile:

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Watch this space! I will have all the rectangles you could ever want coming up


Cooool. Are you on the 40s discord? You’d find plenty of interest there.


I’d definitely be in for a Planck-shaped rectangle :wink:

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Had a thought while looking at these being primed for “spiciness” -

These are already a wonderful pepper-green; maybe they could come in a selection of pepper-themed colors.

Serrano Green (what the above made me think of)


Habanero Orange

UFO Purple

Coyote Zan White

Dragon Black

Ramiro Yellow

and of course

Chili Red


I don’t want to say too much, windfall, but the Planck/Ortho style has heavily influenced a number of my upcoming designs

I love this! I’ve been trying to stay away from the pepper iconography for logos and site design but I can’t deny that the colors and names aren’t fantastic

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Woah, a 40% that actually piques my interest! Very cool & striking design OP! Bonus points cause I live in PA & this reminds me of a keystone a little. Also dig the macro pad, definitely a different take on both! Looking forward to see where this goes, GL with your projects moving forward @Spicy_Nate!


Hey Rob, I also live in PA! :pray:

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