Hello Everybody!


I live near San Francisco and enjoy keyboards and building things out of wood and resin. I am also an admin in another community and enjoy programming, although I’m still in the learning phase. I also am working on making a keyboard from wood and HDPE along with making some artisans. I am liking keebtalk so far and hope to contribute as much as I can!

- Keyliber


Hello to you too.

Our beginning had a bit of wobble but nothing a good switch film can’t address.

Welcome to KeepTalk, @keyliber. :slight_smile:

  • Don

Welcome! Always glad to have more creative craftspeople hanging out here. I look forward to seeing some of your projects!

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Thank you, I hope to see you around as well!

Welcome to the community. Your keyboard project sounds interesting. Keep us in the loop if you start working on it.

Welcome to Keebtalk keyliber!

Thank you! I hope to see all of you around.

Color me incredibly intrigued.

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I’ll keep you posted!