Hello everyone

Hey everybody.

I’m from austria and i’ve been into keyboards on and off for multiple years now but i never really joined any community, besides r/mk every now and then, but i thought i give it a try.
I have a thing for collecting switches and just odd keyboards and things not a lot of people would care about. Latest switch to my collection are huano white clicky switches. Not sure if old or new production, and i couldn’t find anything on deskthority or telcontar, but i know huano as a brand from their mouse switches. Currently looking for 90x teton cream switches for my collection.

Anyway, hope you’re all doing well and hope you are all healthy.


Welcome to Keebtalk!


Welcome! We love odd switches and things not a lot of people would care about :wink:


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Welcome! I think you’ll find yourself quite at home here, as a lot of us have appreciation for the vintage, rare, & obscure stuff in the hobby too! Not quite DT, but you’ll definitely find more people to talk to about stuff like that here than r/mk! :grinning:

Hello hello and welcome!

Hiya mate. I happen to come across these Teton switches on AliExpress… https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32610267237.html it’s quite the price for just a few switches. Not sure if these are the ones you’re looking for though.

yes, those would be the switches i want. i know of the store, but sadly he never has the quantity i’d want, haha. i guess i would have more luck on taobao or korean sites, but it’s hard to get things shipped to austria from those sites.