Hello from AB, Canada!

Hi everyone! My name’s Mike aka Firewire, and I’ve been a long time lurker on r/mk, but just recently decided to take a dive into the hobby myself!

My first foray into mechanical keyboards (after the standard gaming ones) was a Vortex Racer 3 75% with Cherry MX Browns. I plan to experiment with some modding on it, ie. replacing switches.
A month ago I decided to go with the NK65 V2 Aluminum Edition as my first custom! Went with Tealios V2’s lubed and filmed, and I am in love with these as my first linear switches!

Current GB’s I have to look forward to are:

  • Rama Kara - Soya
  • Box75 - Black
  • Onyx FRL/TKL - Navy Blue
  • GMK Tuzi
  • GMK Inukuma

Looking forward to joining this awesome community!


Welcome to KT @Firewire! That is a very nice list of GBs you’ve joined, looking forward to seeing pics of your builds as they come in. Also we have a wealth of info on building & modding keebs here if you ever find yourself not sure about something. If it’s something you can’t find covered here feel free to reach out in PMs. Anyways hope to see you around here often in the future!


dang, thats a strong start in the community! lurking has served you well. both your current builds sound great, but what drew you to the box 75? thats a unique GB if I’ve ever seen one

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Excited to share these future projects with everyone!

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I’ve grown quite attached to the 75% layout - the more compact design has served well in daily use as well as gaming. The accent lines on the Box75 fit my personal aesthetics quite well, so I couldn’t resist!

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Can’t argue with that, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on it when it ships. Glad to have you here on KeebTalk, enjoy the threads!

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