Hello from Germany

Hello all,

I’m Cyrille. Living in Germany near to Munich, but I’m French.

Just discover this site… clean look, nice interesting talks. I enjoy the reading :slight_smile:
If I say I’m new in the mechanical keyboard world, it would be a lie… I used them in the 80ies :sweat_smile:
But the last 20 years, I always had cheap Keyboard
I get a Ducky one for a while and enjoy the feeling. Nothing exceptional, but give me the taste of my “first Keyboard”

here is the new one - with more colours:

I love crafting things and I’m thinking about full custom keyboard (own PCB, own Case, own Platte, just buy switches and keycaps…) will see… I have so much other projects running!



Welcome aboard, Cyrille!

Which layout is the worst french or German? :joy:

haha :joy:
The french one is definitly the worst I ever used! Bad acces to everything you need :wink:
German is OK… but you cannot write french efficiently --> very hard to get the ç! (ALT+135)

Haha im German and tried to once work on an azerty laptop. I nearly had a stroke :grin: