Hello from India!

Hello Keebtalk! I’m Spaceman, a UI/UX Designer and fellow keyboard enthusiast from India.

Much like a few others here, i too started down the rabbit hole of mechs with my first CoolerMaster Quickfire board way long ago, and that was that. Last year though, mainly due to being stuck at home i dipped my toes back into these murky, mysterious yet wonderous waters and lo-and behold, I’m a few keyboards in with a few more on the way and many many more catching my eye.

Looking forward to being a part of this community, from what I can see, the conversation and knowledge being shared here is quite freaking brilliant, so don’t mind me if I talk less and read/learn more!


Howdy Spaceman and welcome to Keebtalk!

What kind of keyboards do you like the most in terms of layout?

How about favorite switches?

Welcome to the community and don’t ever feel shy about asking questions, most of us here try our best to help each other out!


Hello Huey! (Or should i call you Mr Interests?)

I started off the custom trail with a Tofu 60, moved to the HHKB Layout, have a 65 coming in too, however i seem to have fallen for WKL TKLs (aesthetically) and plain/retro/beige keycap sets. I’d love to start collecting and acquiring a few good TKLs, and ive also got my eye on trying to acquire an old Apple M0110 and then restore it.

I started off on my switch journey with MX Browns, then moved on to Zealioses and Boba U4s thinking i’ll live the tactile life forever. Enter Tangerine V2’s, which after lubing and filming have converted me into a linear person (Used gat milky top blacks for a while too… not a bad switch, i might say. And some Gazzew silent linears)

I’ve finally pulled the trigger on some Vint Blacks, some NOS Vint Blacks and (hopefully) a good batch of Black Ink V2s all of which should arrive soon for my next few keyboard builds. Can’t wait to try them all out!!


Welcome! Always feel free to ask questions.

Cool to see another fellow UX designer here. :+1:t3:


Welcome welcome! Whether you’re more inclined to lurk or be loquacious, we’re glad to have you here.