Hello from Lausanne, Switzerland

Hi Keebtalk! My name is Louis, I am a Swiss computer science student and I’m interested in ergonomic mechanical keyboards both for health reasons and because it’s fascinating on its own. I unwittingly bought my first mech in 2016 so I only became aware of the hobby in 2020 when looking for repair tips and tumbled down from there. I look forward to sharing my recent experiences!


Welcome! What is the board that you are repairing?

It is a TEK-227, now with Kailh reds. I finished the soldering work yesterday and I’m typing on it right now!


Hello and welcome!

What an interesting keyboard. Did it take long to get used to the layout / ergonomics of it?

Hi! I cant ask 2016 me and I didn’t write a lot down so take that with a grain of salt, but from what I remember, yes, it’s quite a lot of work. I started out with a 17 year-young brain, a very orthodox typing technique (proper touch typing with all 8 fingers and 1 thumb, this kind of layout will only rewards that) and a 17 year-old’s motivation, and I believe it took me a week to learn where keys on the right side column went. I think the core alphanumeric block is easy to get used to though. Then I started tweaking different things left and right and never really stopped until today. I also got an X-Bows 2.0 last year. On those it’s easier to transition back and forth to the traditional layout. I also tweaked my TEK firmware to be more like an X-Bows, so that’s where it’s going now…

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Louis is a great name


Hi, did you know about https://swissmk.ch/?

Yes. since last week. I’ll take the train to the next meetup for sure :wink:

See you there then!