Hello from Modern Coup Cases it's-a-me Pabloescobyte

Hey everyone just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the community here.

I’m pabloescobyte, 50% of Modern Coup Cases. We hand make keyboard sleeves and cases for everything from 40% to TKL keyboards.

Can’t wait to be part of this community and contribute!


I just took a look at your page and the cases you brought to the Vancouver meetup look really nice!

Are they all custom jobs, or are you looking to have some models in your store at some point?

Thanks! Each sleeve is made to order but soon we’ll start to make some so they’re in stock and ready to ship.

Some people like to personalize their sleeves, customize the fit or want completely different colors which is why we do made to order. That plus it’s just the two of us and we can only output a certain amount each week!

I have two of your cases and am extremely happy with them. Great build quality and customer service. Happy to recommend you to anyone looking for something to protect a keyboard with if you want to throw it in a bag and take it to work.

Hey thanks!

Hope they’re helping you keep them keebs safe! In the future if you’re wanting something specific make sure to reach out to me before you buy.

We’re always happy to give a little something extra to our repeat buyers!

Hi! Glad you guys made it over here (to keebtalk)! :heart:️ all of my cases from you guys, especially the meetup one that I never got to see in person :sob::sob:. Hope to run into you two at a lot more meetups!

Great work! Hope to get one soon. :slight_smile: Do you do local pickups in downtown YVR? I come up to Vancouver quite often and wouldn’t mind saving on shipping to the US, if it isn’t inconvenient.

Unfortunately we don’t do local pickups and we’re quite far from downtown to make it practical.

If you’re just in OR or WA state it doesn’t take long for it to arrive and shipping is only $10.

Always happy to see more options to feed my addiction enjoy my hobby! Looking to replace my functional Grifiti keyboard sleeve with something a little more classy, and these Modern Coup cases would definitely fit the bill :smiley:

Been so busy we didn’t get a chance to join earlier but here we are! Too bad you couldn’t see the Olive one in person. You know what they look like they you own a few already LOL!

Sounds good and makes sense. :slight_smile: I’ve been slightly trying to make my own cases, but if I give up and decide to purchase one, I’ll definitely keep your store in mind!

Love the way they look, so I might end up getting one even if I make my own. I have too many keyboards anyway, lol.

Hi There and thanks for the awsome work you do. It is by far the best sleves I have had for my keebs so far - quality, design and material is just fantastic.

I’d be interested if you both would be willing to do a Q&A. I’m kinda interested in learning how to design/make/sew soft goods.

Hey, it’s always fun trying to make stuff yourself! Good luck!

I certainly can’t take the credit for the sleeves. I have next to no sewing skills and I only helped design them! All the pattern design, drafting, cutting and 99% of the production work is done by my wife Cat. I just handle all the technical side of things and help assemble the sleeves. I had no idea how much actual work went into making the products she creates until we ran our first group buy a year ago!

The more keyboards the merrier I say! You can never have too many!

Hey there. Thanks for the kind compliments. We’re so happy you like them and your blog post was great too!

I’ll see what my wife Cat says about it. She’s been planning to do classes for some time now but has just been far too busy to get to that part of the business.

That’s how it started for me! My Grifiti Chiton sleeve just wasn’t cutting it and thought we could make something that lasted longer and was more functional than just a neoprene sleeve. Our sale is on til the end of August so you’ve plenty of time to get one if you want!

:wave: MC in the house! What can i say that hasn’t already been said? Love my 3 Mondern Coup bags. Welcome!

Sweet! So, I am overlooking something, but how do I order a case from your website? :sweat_smile:

Edit: Nevermind! I was looking at the wrong site. This is the one I wanted! https://cases.moderncoup.com/