Hello from Myanmar!

Hey everyone, my name’s flyingpie. Used the keyboard on my Mac all my life, until I went down the rabbit hole that is keebs. Currently I’m using an HHKB Pro Classic (ver 3) and am in love with Topre. Moving forward, I’m looking forward to trying out MX style switches. One day, I want to try and learn to design my own board.

Glad to be apart of this community and I’m excited to learn more!


Hello and welcome to Keebtalk!

What kind of boards do you want to try out and what kind of board designs would you be most interested in making?


Hey Manofinterests!

As of right now, I’m just looking to try out and experience different switches out there, especially some linears and the other popular tactile switches out there. I’m also curious to try out the different plates for different typing feel. Making my keyboard probably will come after I figure out my preferences. Probably a 65%.

Great videos by the way, I appreciate your work.

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Hello there, welcome! Funny enough, you’ve gone the opposite route that I have-- i’m looking to switch from my lifelong usage of MX switches and try an HHKB!

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