Hello from the far north, where they use strange letters

Hello there!

So I climbed even a little deeper into that rabbit hole by opening an account on a mech-forum :wink:

About 15 years ago my beloved Cherry G80 (clicky blue) died, assasinated by a cup of tea with way too much sugar.
A long time without a mechanical keyboard followed. Partly/mostly because there were not many mechanical keyboards to choose from in Norway where I live.
Since mechanical keyboards became (thankfully!) more and more popular in the recent years, it became also easier to get them in Norway.
Well, you could always get them somehow, but then usually not with a Norwegian layout.
We use all those strange letters here, like Ø, Æ and Å… together with an ISO-layout :wink:

I bought my first mechanical keyboard last year, a Varmilo VA69 with iso-nor-layout.
Way better than anything I had in the years before, but still not exactly what I was looking for.
So I started walking the path into the jungle of custom-built mechanical keyboards…

Since mad… ehh… “passionate” people need likeminded people to talk to, I came here.

So, hi from close to the polar circle to everyone here!




Hehe, I didn’t know that one. :+1:

Tricky with all the letters…
The more languages you speak, the bigger the keyboard.

I am a big fan of the compose key.

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But someone really put some thought into it when creating the norwegian layout.
I use the compose key really rarely, since the no-layout already has a specific key to put all kinds of dots and (e.g. french) accents above the letters. Makes it quite convenient writing german without using the compose key :wink: