Hello from the great white north! [AKA Canada]

Hello everyone! I’m Ivan from Canada. Got into the customs game when COVID started- can’t believe that its been almost a year now. I’d been using a Ducky Shine 5 for several years up to this point, until I got sick of MX Blues and needed to get something else. Found that there are gasp options on switches other than Cherry MX and the rabbit hole started from there. I’ve also been working on a handful of keycap projects to keep myself busy; one of which is getting pretty close to IC, so keep an eye out!

My current daily drivers are a KBD75V2 with lubed and filmed Zealios 62g rocking ePBT Cool Kids and a Southpaw 75 with lubed and filmed Gateron Yellows and DSA Vilebloom.

Anyways though, happy to meet you all!


Welcome! Looking forward to the IC

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Welcome! And oy love the boards. Never seen the kbd75 with double space. Awesome!

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