Hello from the middle of the EU aka Germany

Whew almost forgot to do this.

So I am a gal from germany and never trusted myself around tools and building things until i build my first own pc and gathered good confidence and a constant need to tinker with things.

How I got to keebs? I used to have the typical gamer stuff and when I needed a new board I asked someone on discord for help finding something. He showed me the world of grown up keyboards. I purchased a Leopold F660M which I still adore.

from then on I found myself llooking at reviews and somehow found Taeha and welp. It happened I fell into that hole.

I started planning a build and it was the KBDFANS75v2 with turquoise tealios, lubed with krytox gpl205, novelkeys screw in stabs lubed Sushi keycaps.

The next board will be the gmmk pro in ice white with Sakurios and I am also building a barleycorn with cherry mx red silent which I will pilfer from an old broken board, clean and lube.
I am also hoping the NK65 will come back in nice colors so I can build one of these maybe with some gateron inks, that will defo be next year tho, since I just got the gmk awake set and am also looking out for other group buys.


Welcome to site! You’ll find plenty of awesome people here willing to talk keebs or give advice on builds if needed. I seen on the one post the board you planning on harvesting for the Barleycorn. You did say it had something spilled on it right? If that is the case the best advice I can give you for cleaning the switches is opening them up & ultrasonic cleaning the parts. If you have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that will work just fine for it. Anyways look forward to seeing you around the site & GL with the Barleycorn build!


Sadly I dont have an ultrasonic cleaner. I wanted to clean the switches with alcohol (95%)

I needed ages just to take the corsair apart because of some well hidden screws.

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I wouldn’t use isopropyl alcohol to clean the switches. It can eat up certain types of plastic & I wouldn’t risk trashing them. I tried cleaning a Zealio housing with iso alcohol once, it made it turn white & soft. Not sure if that would carry over to the nylon Cherry housings, but having a feeling it would. If you don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner I would just soak the parts in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of dish soap, then agitate it a few time. Also you want to try to dry off the bottom housing quickly because of the metal leaves. Cans of compressed air or something like a datavac work great to blow all the water out & dry them quickly. That way the leaves don’t get corroded in any way from the water sitting on them.

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You are a livesaver! Will do the dish soap thing. I have a compucleaner (use it instead of compressed air to clean pc) which I can blow dry then with

Thanks a ton for pointing it out. I saw someone using alcohol on switches against spills

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turns out nothing will safe these switches. The pins (if they comeout at all after desoldering) and the insides of the switches are completely rusty.
Sucks so ill have to gte some cheap gateron browns to fill the barleycorn.

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That sucks, but yeah if they’re rusted toss them.

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Guten Tag Herr Nachbar, einen schönen Garten haben Sie da.

Have a great time here. :slight_smile:

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Haben Sie auch so schoene Gartenzwerge?

Decided to make switches with he silent stems and some gaterons

Liebe Gruesse Nachbar!

Blöde Frage: Warum habt ihr keine Umlaute auf euren Tastaturen? :smile:

Ich nutze Ansi Tastaturen und der PC ist auf english da ich zuhause fast nur english schreibe

Bei mir ist auch alles an privater IT auf Englisch und mit US-ANSI-Tastatur, aber es gibt ja passende Layouts wie US International oder EurKEY. Ich empfinde die Verwendung von “ue” statt “ü” an einem System, das mit Emoji umgehen kann irgendwie als Kapitulation vor der Technik. :smile:

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ich muss in unserem arbeitssystem eh UE AE OE nutzen weil das system sonst sonderzeichen auswirft

LOLWAT :joy:

Deutschland ist #Neuland

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Erinnert mich an Flugbuchungen und Banküberweisungen…

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As a non german language speaking all I can say is right now is “Du hast!” Edit: something something keyboard, my comment is relevant !


Du hast… eine Tastatur! :rofl:

(you have… a keyboard!)