Hello from the Midwest!

Hi y’all,

I’ve been mostly an admirer of cool mechs for a while now. I’ve had a couple in my time, but I’ve not done more than a put on a new keycap set or resolder a busted switch now and again.

I’m in grad school and with that I spend a lot of time writing. I absolutely love Blues for that, but want to try more switches just to know what I might be missing!

Looking forward to learning more about the hobby and maybe building my own keeb from scratch soon!


Greetings, also from the Midwest! Cool to know there are other mech lovers in the area!

If you’re looking to build your own mech sometime in the future, I’ll throw in my two cents.

If you like MX Blues, you’ll LOVE Kailh BOX Whites. Same weighting and amount of tactility, but the click sounds less rattly, and feels much crisper. These switches won’t break the bank either, at 30c a switch, and a great time to buy would be during the upcoming Novelkeys Black Friday sale!


Welcome neighbor! I’m in Ohio. I used MX blues for many years in a full sized Filco. Having gone through many tactiles and linears, it might be time for me to pick up some clickies again. I’d recommend BOX pinks if you can find them in stock.

Happy posting!

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Welcome doomed mortal.

Yup I recommend box pinks as well but it’s just that pinks are a medium weight rather than light. Phoenix switches are also worth a try. However, if you really want to get down to business, getcha a blue alps board and try some buckling springs on the IBM model M and F.


Hello hello! Plenty to learn about switches here.

I’ll throw another hat on the pile recommending Box whites and/or pinks. These days much focus is given to smoothness or novel tactility - and I love those things - but there’s something to be said for the un-matched crispness of click-bar switches.

It’s almost like infinite bubble-wrap that makes words.

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Haha, love this.

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I actually did lube the springs of my pinks as well as VERY lightly lubing the slider. It made them go from good to sublime.

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