Hello I am dvdchabn

Hello everyone,

I am DVDCHAN also known as


Another KBD Fans… uh, fan! Welcome!


Thank you so much!

Welcome !

I feel like KBDFans took a high risk - high reward route.

I’m in the hobby since 2016-2017, when things were scarce and everyone was hunting OG keycaps and used whatever they could get, and also GB’s were rare, not running 3-4 GB’s at least per month like now.

So they slowly started offering accesible + popular layout stuff, and constantly developing and bringing new stuff. No cool 60% high profile case ? Presenting tofu ! Surprise with hotswap and integrated plate ! How about a programmable alu case TKL? How about a well priced metal 65% with brass options? And so on and so forth :slight_smile: I applaud the R&D, and the bring something new and keeping up with trends.

After seeing how much the order numbers increased, I feel like they made a name of themselves and hit the jackpot in this market, being on everyones’s lips when it comes for custom accessible mechanical keyboards stuff.


I agree, they definitely offer the most common budget/entry-level boards for people just starting, and that’s kind of where I am at. I’ve always had an affinity for mechanical keyboards. Believe it or not, my first mechanical keyboard was the IBM M I pulled from an older server workstation. I ended up trading that for something more modern and with linears like the cm storm quickfire back in 2012. At the time I didn’t know what I had, unfortunately. I think that is also why I am more interested in building now more than before. there really wasn’t much other than modding your current board or dumping a lot in a gb that rarely happened. Now it’s like a new board every 2 weeks is going out.

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Interesting and very relatable story. The folks here at Keebtalk seem to be the most welcoming and fun community I’ve seen, though I’ve been a part of the hobby for a very short time. What are you looking to do next in the hobby? Something high-end custom? More budget friendly builds?


I’m looking to jump to a higher end board in the next 12 months. I have had a DZ60 And am currently am on a KBD67mkii. I’m thing maybe a Think6.5 extra or something similar. I’ve also been all Linear and might like to try Tactile.

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What do you think is lacking about those entry level boards? Mounting style? materials? functionality? layout? design?

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I really like doing videos on budget builds since I relate to a lot of the people just getting started but I am definitely trying to reach higher in the custom keyboards. Id like to get my hands on a higher-end gasket mount but that may be a little ways away.

Yeah, Its not a big deal for me to go to a more higher end board right now but that is the goal. To get something that I am satisfied with and play around with budget boards too. I just got some yok pandas and halo clears to may holy pandas. That’s going to be super fun!

Honestly they aren’t lacking much with the kbdfans boards really ai03 is a reputable builder and the keyboards sound and type amazing. I think for me though Id like to try another style of board like gasket mount and see how it compares. So far my kbd8x mkii is my favorite. just types amazing :slight_smile:

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ai03 is building some nice customs right now too. The Constellation is looking pretty amazing.

Oh whoops. That’s not ai03’s…xD I was looking at the Vega I think a bit.

oh yeah, he’s been doing super nice builds lately otherwise. I like following his discord.

Welcome to Keebtalk!

What build are you looking the most forward to? :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile: , I just got in on the protozoa group buy but Id like to see how some of the other GB’s come out. Every time I jump in on the raffles for other high-end boards I never get it but ill keep trying :slight_smile:

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my daily driver :slight_smile: