Hello, I am iosonoformaggio. Some random guy who loves keyboards

Hello, I am iosonoformaggio (which is a weird sentence as “io sono formaggio” means “I am cheese” in itself).

I am usually active on reddit but I decided to chime in when keebtalk was open. Since Geekhack was such a big forum why not participate in both?

I occasionally upload switch reviews and keyboard reviews. Usually I write a wall of text but I sometimes make video reviews when I have time.

Also, I recently acquired a microscope to look into keyboard components. I am having a blast doing these and if you guys have any requests I will happily pist pictures of them. I currently uploaded a few close up switch pictures and linked them on reddit. You can look into them if you feel like it. My username is the same /u/iosonoformaggio

My favorite switches are clicky. Currently own 3 boards each with zealiostotles, alps blue, and I am waiting to purchase 20g click bars on my kailh box whites.

Linears are a very close second. My box black race 3 is my go-to classroom board and they are a blast.

Well, I hope to have a jolly good time here and happy clacking!


Clicky switchers unite!

Sounds like the microscope view would be interesting to see variance in everyday switches.