Hello! I go by Goguma

I’ve been on keebtalk for awhile now, but I never really posted one of these!

My first time trying a mechanical keyboard was back in 2013/2014 on my friend’s Rosewill TKL with Cherry MX Blue’s, and I fell in love with it. My first board was a Corsair K70 w/ blues and I slowly climbed up the ladder (or down the rabbit hole).

I started lurking on r/MechanicalKeyboards late 2016 because I was unhappy with my board. After seeing the new K95 Platinum, I was convinced that I had found a keyboard that would satisfy me for a long time. But, my friend wanted me to come over to try his topre board and not knowing what exactly what that was and thinking that it was inferior to the new, top of the line Corsair Gaming Keyboard with genuine Cherry switches, I obliged.

I instantly fell in love with Topre. I had broken that board and harvested everything that I can get from it and bought an Fc660c and my endgame and dream board since starting the hobby: Duck Jetfire with Holy Red Pandas. The Holy Pandas are by far my favorite cherry style switches. The love of typing on them is akin to that of my first typing experience on that Rosewill :’)

I’m a computer engineering student at a school in SoCal. I love playing video games, playing/watching basketball, chicken, and I love coffee.

Looking forward to all my future builds because I have to many keysets and not enough boards.


What kind of chicken?

I really like KFC (Korean Fried Chicken!), but anything goes. I’ve been eating a lot of Nashville Hot Chicken lately.


Korean fried chicken is :fire:

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Can confirm. Part of me likes it more than 'Murican.

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