Hello, I'm Chewwy!

Hola Amigos!

I am Chewwy (u/yalpguy on reddit, Chewwy182 on discord) and have been in this community for less than a year although being in PC gaming I had subbed to r/MK just admiring the cool key caps and boards.

A friend showed me a build stream of 001Anthony and soon found TopClack shortly after.

I have invested way too much money in this hobby already although I am pretty sure I am not alone. After feeling Box Navies threw my Masterkeys Pro M with Cherry Reds in the back of the closet and never looked back. I even got my wife onto some Box Jades!
I have a few boards right now and have joined a couple of GBs that I am super impatiently waiting for. Here is the list for any interested.

Tada69 w/ Box Whites
KBD75 w/ Box Navies
Tina B w/ Pale Blues
5 degree w/ Box Royals
GB for the Modern M0110 (Shout out to @heroyjenkins for being super cool on mesaging me back about all of my questions on the board and super excited!)
GB for TR60

I am really liking this forum and hope to see its success. I know there is buzz about all that is happening right now but I am just glad that we get another place to talk about keyboards more!
Last shout out to @olivia can’t freaking wait for GMK Olivia! Also GMK Olivea (I don’t care if its Olive I refuse to not call it GMK Olivea)


Good to have another fan here. Sounds like you like Box switches. Any particular reason you tend toward box switches?

I might throw some box navy switches in my second contra build. Haven’t decided yet.

Honestly because I bought a box switch tester. I have some more non-box switches coming in to try out but I really do like the box pale blues a bunch.

Ha! fair enough. I got a test set from Novelkeys that has boxes in it. They’re nice, but the form factor can get in the way in very specific situations.

Welcome Chewwy! And no problem - message me with questions if you need help any time :slight_smile: