Hello, I'm ChrisSwires


I’m Chris, I’m over in (currently sunny) Blighty, and I’m an ancient (30, but in keyboard terms that’s like 75) software dev. You may know me from such posts as ‘keyboard on table’, ‘keyboard near table’ and ‘actually just a table, why the pretence’, and for trying to educate people about linears across discord.

I’m very big on 40s (I think I have every staggered 40 now), DSA, and am now expanding into GMK and 60s… I’m definitely a collector at this stage, currently in the mid 30s on boards and sets. I also love linears. And 104.

Big fan of long walks by the beach too.



As a relic of antiquity, I have you beat at age 37. My first keyboard was an Apple IIe. I guess in keyboard years, I’m dead. :skull: :hourglass:

Postmodern keyboard art. I love it.

Welcome and thanks for participating here!

I have the same problem, I did the math on his assertion, It make us 86.


Shit I did the math on 70, don’t know why haha.

Real answer would be: 93 if i round up. So ya, dead.

I mean. Certainly seems plausible. I really do feel 75 most of the time by the way. Mostly where stairs are involved.

Glad to have you here, Mr. Tables

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Happy to be here, Mr. Sleeves.

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ahh Mr. Swires. :+1:

u wot m8

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Happy to see you here tables. As someone who was (is?) new you were helpful from the jump.

Educate me on linears please.

Anytime bb

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Have you seen the light of our lord and saviour, Kailh Box Heavy Dark Yellows?

Seriously, these are lovely and smooth for a stock switch and they sound amazing in my opinion.