Hello, I'm Ipsum!

Hey everyone, I’m Ipsum. I go by u/helpwithwatches on reddit. This is my second post, the first was an IC for a keyset I am trying to get produced called Imperator!.

Currently typing on a rotation of a Preonic, M3501 Apple AEKII, and Ganss Pro TKL with MX Silent Blacks :slight_smile:. Waiting on Canvas R2 and some Godspeed Kits I picked up during the Re-Cap!!

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Hey man - good to see you here :slight_smile:

Also impressed with imperator as well - will def be picking that up!!

Hello 0/

Where’s Lorem?

He ded. JK, suprisingly, my choice of handle isn’t related to Lorem ipsum!

Thanks! let’s hope i can find a vendor/manufacturer so there is something to be picked up!