Hello, I'm Keyboardbelle

Hi y’all, I’m Keyboardbelle :smile_cat:

I actually lurked for a few years under different usernames in the keyboard community (mostly Reddit), but I design and 3D print and made this username to match my online store URL.

My first keyboard was a Cherry Blue Pok3r with DSA Granite a few years ago.

My first 3D printer was a Printrbot 1405 kit, but right now I’m using a large format custom printer and focusing on designing and printing 60% keyboard cases.

Some of my gallery is available under my Reddit username keyboardbelle_prints

I’m also migrating my online sales to keyboardbelle.com, I previously sold on Reddit’s mechmarket, but needed more organization.

The online store should be stocked by July 7th, I have taken a new photo set to have better pictures and I used DSA Dolch, SA Dasher & Dancer, and SA Pulse in all the case photos to give good keycap and color references.

My initial focus will be a 60% case design called the “Iconic Case” inspired by the Apple M0110 keyboard. There are six other designs that will follow, including one inspired by the Model F Kishsaver, and one inspired by a Corona typewriter.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with this forum, the UI seems quite intuitive and whatever stack it’s written on is quite fast as well!

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Very interested to see what you do now and in the future.

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That casette saver case looks nice, I look forward to seeing the site up and running. Are you in the US? What will be the shipping costs to the EU?

I’ve shipped two or three times to the UK so far and I believe it’s ranged from $15 USD to $23 USD. Different platforms give me a shipping discount, so I may fine tune my shipping once I get a more constant shipping rate.

I’ll always toss in some extra stickers and such for overseas buyers since they’re at the mercy of higher shipping rates.


Can you ping on reddit and in here when the store is ready, I am def interested in some cases.

It will definitely be live today, so keep checking back. I’m working on it right now, so within a few hours.

I’m also working on my production capability in the next few months, so don’t worry too much if you miss the first batch.

Also, I have a couple prints that will work fine, but I’m not quite happy with the quality - so those may be sold on mech market.

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I like that Iconic case, but I really like that Cassette saver I saw, do you have any plans for selling that one, or would it be a special order? It would be shipped to Sweden

I originally had a Cassette Case designed with a sloped bezel, but people kept asking for the Kishsaver style, so the Cassette Saver was a remix to bring it closer to the actual Kishsaver.

Let me revise it to version 1.7 or 1.8 and see how it looks. Did you have a color preference in mind? I have some unlisted colors like Aqua and Mint that I will be working with soon.

good prices on those cases!

I think i would prefer a sloped bezel, do you have any mockups I can see? If im going to use it for a daily driver its going to have to be 5deg at least. Im not so sure on the color yet, Im a bit conservative in my styles, so probably going to be beige / grey / dark grey. Thanks.

By sloped, I meant the back bezel slopes downward, not actually angled. The first case in the post photo is the Cassette Saver, then the Cassette, then the Iconic (an earlier prototype with smaller back bezel).

I have ~10mm tall clear polyurethane feet for angling cases, I’ll see if I can measure what angle that puts them at exactly.

You can browse my posts on Reddit for more case photos as well:

I have had a look at your Reddit post with the pics earlier, the link doesnt work on my mobile today.

Thats good about the feet, I need that angle to type comfortably.

If its ok with you can you quote me on a cassette saver. I can put deposit down also via PayPal.

These cases look great!

Any chance you could make an Iconic case to fit a Planck keyboard?

Would it be possible to leave a space in the case for some weights maybe (like the sides)


Very cool…

I love this:


I have the Planck on my list to test fit and once I have it prototyped, I should be able to drop the riser layout into the Iconic case design.

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I have a plan for that Corona Case design in a different color with a patina brass plate, so maybe I’ll get that done one day soon.

I have a fairly simple method to weight down a case that may be heavier than aluminum. Once I finish printing my plastic I’ve already bought and have enough items in the store, I’ll experiment and see how it turns out.