Hello, I'm notG10

Good day folks.

Most probably know me from my duties as a Top Clack mod and general KillJoy. When I’m not ruining peoples fun I am usually spending money and/or planning on how to get more money to spend and sometimes helping out users with their MK questions.

Outside (and inside) of keebs I lead a boring life an normally sit around home and play video games or argue with my Cat.

That is all.

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Top Clack mod*

Also, we need more cat pics

Gio the Top Clack host? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please! I want a Gio episode!

sneaky edit fixed, also I have no idea how that got there, I am pretty sure I typed staff lol.

And no one wants a Gio episode.

In all seriousness, I think a Gio episode would be cool. Would love to probe into the mind of a mod and how they handle modding

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Sounds like you would want a staff of TC episode :wink:

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I like you for the killjoy you are (Even though you don’t like memes :frowning:) Someone has to do it :sweat_smile:

Also yes 1 Gio TC episode please.